Championship Feeder System: Youth Basketball Practice Grades 1-4: Jerry Petitgoue

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  • Build skill and confidence into your elementary level ball handlers with six Core Ball Handling Drills
  • Correct the four most common mistakes made by beginning shooters
  • Teach effective ways to move without the ball that will assist young players in executing any offense

Jerry Petitgoue provides the ideal practice plan for any feeder system wanting to put the fun back in fundamentals.

Coach Petitgoue begins by covering several key points that should be emphasized with all coaches in your feeder program. He discusses:

  • Length of practice
  • Monthly practice plan
  • The appropriate number of games to be played at each grade level

After a brief warm-up, Petitgoue begins practice with shooting fundamentals showing you drills to teach the proper shooting technique and correct common shooting mistakes. His "spin bounce" technique encourages young shooters to step into the shot from the all-important set position. Petitgoue uses his enthusiastic approach to demonstrate both individual and partner shooting drills.

Petitgoue shows you how to incorporate the agility ladder and crazy balls into practice to improve your young player's footwork and coordination. He also includes six core ball-handling drills that are a fun way to build ball handling confidence and skill.

Petitgoue next provides various dribbling drills that incorporate the jump-stop, pivoting and how to protect the basketball. Box-out technique and outlet passes are discussed in detail as Petitgoue demonstrates a simple, yet effective rebounding drill. Petigoue ends his practice with "lightening," a game that is both fun and competitive as it improves young player's skill level.

Start your young players out on the right foot with a practice plan that will build strong basketball fundamentals.

79 minutes. 2010.

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