Bob Huggins: Open Post Motion Offense

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Coach Bob Huggins breaks down his Open Post Motion Offense using on-court players to demonstrate each part of the motion.

In addition, Huggins reveals key principles to running the open post motion offense, including cutting to the basket, screening away from the ball, and moving to the ball, as well as drills outlining each principle. During individual drills, Huggins identifies important spots on the floor where good shots can occur. Several two and three player drills are demonstrated to reinforce motion principles.

Coach Huggins also gives a detailed demonstration on cutting, screening, and moving to the ball. Huggins does a fantastic job of demonstrating and teaching every player's responsibilities and options to put them in position to become an offensive threat. As an added bonus, Huggins discusses rebounding responsibilities and strategies to run a successful open post motion offense. Huggins discusses the ability to implement other offenses into the open post motion offense, including the flex, shuffle cut, and UCLA high post offenses.

This is a great offense for any level of play and a great equalizer of talent!

66 minutes. 2004.

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