Bob Huggins: Full Court 1-3-1 Trapping Defense

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Coach Bob Huggins' defense was created out of necessity early in his career and has been a part of his program everyday.

Introduction to this Full Court 1-3-1 Trapping Defense begins with player-by-player assignments and coverage. The basic goal is to divide the court in half from basket to basket. Once the ball is on one side, the defense keeps it on that side. Ball pressure makes a big difference, keeping the offensive player from throwing skip passes and reversing the ball. To show the slides, a 5-on-5 zone shell drill is demonstrated.

Huggins then moves the zone press up the floor, making it a full court attack. Once the ball is inbounds, keeping it in the box in the backcourt is important. Players away from the ball are on the line and up the line, in a direct line between the ball and the player in their area. Two methods of playing this full court trap include regular and a "speed them up" approach. Players are either trapping, anticipating, or protecting the goal. Each duty is broken down into several teaching points.

53 minutes. 2007.

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