Basketball Shooting: Dave Hopla

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Basketball Shooting by Dave Hopla offers clear instruction for mid- and long-range shots, including free throws, jump shots, bank shots, and three-pointers with drills and games that will improve consistency and technique for all levels of play. The accompanying DVD contains drills for each type of shot and enhanced demonstrations of technique.

NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan put it best: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” With Basketball Shooting as your coach, you can hit the court with confidence in your ability to make any shot from anywhere on the court.

Shooting is an art, and in this special book and DVD package, professional shooting coach Dave Hopla presents the same skills and strategies that have made him one of the world’s most sought-after experts. Covering long-range three-pointers, midrange jumpers, bank shots, and free-throw shots, Coach Hopla pulls from his extensive coaching experience—which includes stops in the NBA and with multiple international squads—to help you master every element of a correct shot. In addition, you’ll learn over 20 drills to help you perfect the techniques you need to hit shots from anywhere. 

Before you hit the court for your next game, turn to Basketball Shooting and take your game to new heights.


  • Chapter 1 Shooting Philosophy
  • Chapter 2 Visualization
  • Chapter 3 Shooting Technique
  • Chapter 4 Free Throws
  • Chapter 5 Midrange Jump Shots
  • Chapter 6 Long-Range Jump Shots
  • Chapter 7 Bank Shots
  • Chapter 8 Creating Your Own Shot
  • Chapter 9 Shooting and Scoring Off Screens
  • Chapter 10 Shot Charts and Shooting Evaluation
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152 pages
Human Kinetics; Pap/DVD edition (2012)

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