Basketball Scouting Report Notebook

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The Basketball Scouting Report Notebook from Hoops U. simplifies scouting and helps you keep your scouting reports and game plans organized!

Our Basketball Scouting Report Notebook contains 30 sets of scouting templates -- that means you have enough to scout 30 games! Each scouting report set includes 8 pages -- 6 pages used for scouting offensive and defensive systems, player tendencies, specific sets and out-of-bounds play, and more. 2 pages are used to set up your game plan by listing your matchups, offensive and defensive game plan, and strengths and weaknesses. Each set also includes a 'title' page where you can list who, what, and where is being scouted.

If you would like, we will also include a page that lists your entire season schedule (just as a helpful note of reference!)

Additional Features of the Basketball Scouting Report Notebook:

  • 30 Sets of Scouting Reports. 30-8 page sets so you have enough to scout 30 games / opponents.
  • Durable Covers. Our tear-proof and waterproof front and back poly covers will keep your notebook in great condition.
  • Made to Last. Bound with our plastic coil spiral binding that will retain its shape even through excessive use.
  • Ease of Use. Our notebook opens a full 360 degrees. That means it opens flat and stays flat to make writing easy.
  • Full Size Notebook. Book size is 8 ½ x 11 inches. We use full size sheets of paper so you have plenty of room to take notes.
  • Full Color Cover Page. Our cover page is printed in full color to clearly show through the lightly frosted front cover. There is also space to write in team name and season.
  • Customizable. For only $3 more, we will customize the cover with your logo or image. We even customize the inside pages with your logo and text (such as team name, coach name, etc).


Scouting Set Page-by-Page Description

Page 1 – Scouting Report & Shooting Chart:
Track player scoring and chart shooting.

Page 2 – Full Court Offensive Systems:
Diagram your opponents press offenses and fast breaks and comment on their tactics.

Page 3 – Offensive Systems:
Diagram halfcourt sets vs. man and/or zone defenses and list potential man-to-man defensive matchups.

Page 4 – Out of Bounds Plays & Special Plays:
Diagram opponents inbounds plays and special situation plays.

Page 5 – Defense:
List defenses utilized by opponent; diagram their zones and presses; answer specific questions to determine their defensive strengths and weaknesses.

Page 6 – General Information:
Write down the opponents offensive and defensive philosophy; list what you will need to do to beat them and what you will need to cover in practice(s) prior to playing them.

Page 7 – Game Plan Report:
List the upcoming opponent and individual matchups. Make a checklist of pre-game, halftime, and post-game talking points.

Page 8 – Game Plan Report:
Prepare offensive and defensive game plan and diagram opponent offenses, inbounds plays, and special plays. Highlight some important opponent tendencies.

As you can see, the Basketball Scouting Report Notebook will help you scout more easily, whether you are scouting at the game or scouting off of video! The scouting report templates make it easy for you to know what to scout and what to keep track of during the course of a game. Keeping the scouting reports together in a bound notebook also keeps all of your reports and game plans together in a single place that you can find during the season! It is also helpful way to keep your reports so that you can look back over the previous year's reports if you need a reminder of what certain teams did against you!

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4 Reviews

James B LaMacchia 5th Dec 2020

Scouting Book.

This is the most complete scouting system i have seen. When you open the book up the first page you see is a schedule page which lists the Date, Opponent, Possible( Where you can check to see if you can scout that particular game) Site of the game, and a scouted Yes/No. The next page has a "Scouting for" which lists the opposing teams record at the time with win/loss record, along with a space for site of game, date scouted and who scouted it (Modified coach, Fresh, JV, Varsity, assistants, etc... It also has court diagrams for opposing teams sets against, man, zone, BLOBS, SLOBS, Special plays, delay game you name it's listed. I would highly recommend this for all coaches.

Doug Stroud - Indiana Bluechips Club Director/Head Coach 20th Dec 2015

Notebooks are professional looking and get the job done!

We have purchased the awesome scouting books in the past as a gifts for coaches, and they really hit the mark. Trying to fill the need of some of the assistants out there as well as your players, the notebooks are a perfect choice for that, for me the assistants did not do much of the scouting as much as the Head Coach but we wanted to get something that the Assistant Coach could use as well and it has been well received, they can make game day notes, or practice notes as they grown in their process. Excellent product, well constructed and the customization that can be done make this one awesome gift.

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