Basketball IntelliGym Standard Edition Value Pack

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The Basketball IntelliGym Personal Edition is a computer game that contains 19 training sessions that train basketball related skills such as decision making, court vision, anticipation, shot selection, team play and execution. The Personal Edition is designed for 4-6 months of brain training. For more advanced training, check out the Gold Edition. Team edition for 12 players.

As athletes, we spend a lot of time training our body to improve our basketball and athletic skills. Now, you can also train your brain!  With The Basketball IntelliGym™, you can greatly improve and enhance your basketball IQ and mental capacity!
The Basketball IntelliGym™ is the first trainer in the world to deliver basketball skills and instinct directly into your mind.
There's nothing to learn and nothing to remember.
You simply 'play' it like you would any video game.  It is extremely fun to play -- you don't even know you are working hard at acquiring the following basketball skills:
  • Great shot selection...
  • Precision team play...
  • "Spider-sense" movement anticipation and pattern recognition...
  • Heightened court sense...
  • Superior peripheral vision...

Don't just work harder ... Work Smarter!




  • Sharpen both offense and defense
  • Make -- and change -- winning strategies on the fly
  • Anticipate action and make the unexpected work for you
  • Follow directions and execute with precision
  • Make flawless shot-selection a "second nature" and much more!


By training your brain with The Basketball IntelliGym™ you WILL see improvement in all of the above areas. What does that mean to you or your team?  The game will 'slow down' in your mind.  You will begin to see things more clearly and more quickly.  You will make smarter decisions.  You will develop an amazing 'court-sense' and awareness.  Simply put, you will improve and your team will improve!

The Technology Behind The Basketball IntelliGym™

Cognitive training consists of a variety of brain exercises designed to improve performance. The principle underlying cognitive training is to improve the "core" abilities, which most people mistakenly consider as instincts. Abilities such as coordination, attention control, peripheral vision, perception and many more are not "born instincts" but rather trainable cognitive skills. The science of cognitive engineering focuses on the evaluation and analysis of these skills. An especially remarkable aspect of this science is cognitive training: the enhancement of human brain skills to improve performance.

In order to develop a basketball cognitive training tool, the researchers mapped the brain skills that are required for top performance in the game of basketball. With this map at hand, they designed a system that stimulates the exact same skill set. This training tool is designed like a video game, but if you screen the minds of the trainees, you’ll find that the skills (or the “brain muscles”) that are working are exactly those that are required during a basketball game.

The first 'brain-gym' applications were originally used to train fighter pilots, yielding 30% improvement in performance. Recently, this concept was implemented to include the game of basketball. Strangely enough, flying a jet was found to be similar to playing hoops. Quick decision making under pressure, shot selection, anticipation, execution, team work and spatial orientation are all skills in common.

Minimum Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP or Windows 2000
  • Internet connection
  • Pentium III, 500 MHz or higher
  • CD Drive with standard multi-session read support
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