Ballistic Response Speed Training Ladder

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No other piece of training equipment has as many uses & applies so widely to basketball: develop better foot speed, quickness, agility, & direction change.

The Ballistic Response Speed Training Ladder now features the added benefit of flat-bottomed rungs, without losing the great training aspect of the rounded top. The new rung design features an anti-skid, anti-roll bottom for improved safety. With totally flat rungs athletes have a tendency to step on the rung with their heel. The rounded top allows the same great training tool to help athletes to remember to keep their heels off the ground!

Ladder training is a fundamental starting point for athletes new to speed training, or experienced athletes who need to keep their skills fresh. Ladders are great for balance, coordination, body control, and acceleration skills. The Ballistic Response Speed Training Ladder features a 3 year warranty and is very durable. The hard plastic rungs are virtually indestructible, and it comes with a manual and a zipper bag for convenient storage. As always, the ladder separates midway into two separate sections, for improved sports specific applications.

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