Andrew Toole: High Energy Drills for Building Competitive Practices

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  • Learn 11 drills that will make practices more creative, competitive, and energetic
  • Incorporate drills that assign players multiple jobs to simulate game-like conditions
  • Improve your team's ability to make quick transitions from play-to-play

Up-and-coming coach Andy Toole uses on court demonstrations to teach 11 creative, competitive, intense drills for more productive practices.

A sampling of the drills include:

  • 4-on-3 Passing Drill - Players learn to use active hands on defense while the offense must make use of ball fakes, looking off the defense, and facing the game.
  • Harcum 2-on-1 Drill - This unique half-court transition drill makes use of quick outlet passes, sprinting in transition, and helping players learn that "your job is never done." Middle school and high school coaches with large numbers and limited court space will benefit from this drill.
  • Roanoke 1-on-1 Defensive Drill - An all-purpose drill that incorporates close-outs, guarding cutters, fronting the post, help and recover, controlling dribblers, and finishing with a rebound.
  • 4-on-2 Rebounding Drill - This drill places players in an uncomfortable, disadvantage situation and reinforces the importance of getting the initial rebound in a possession.

In a unique approach to the traditional shell drill, Toole simulates situations where the defense is beaten and drills the help scenarios. Coach Toole believes coaches should drill the help after a player is beaten as much as you drill the shell.

Your team will compete harder and transition from play-to-play faster using Toole's favorite offensive, defensive, and rebounding drills. Coaches and players will love these intense, creative, productive drills that foster competition and simulate game like conditions.

65 minutes. 2011.

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