All Access Oklahoma Women's Basketball Practice with Sherri Coale

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Sherri Coale guided the Sooners to their second straight national semi-finals appearance in 2010. The foundation of her success is based on skill development and communication. In this all access DVD presentation, Coach Coale gives you a court-side seat to the first five practices of the 2010-11 season. Using the whole-part-whole method of teaching, you will see Coale and her staff giving the players the repetitions to effectively execute her offensive and defensive system.

  • Learn effective shooting drills to improve your motion offense
  • Get teaching tips to improve offensive and defensive rebounding
  • See the Oklahoma offensive and defensive system and the drills used in teaching each
  • A bonus session features instruction from the 2010 Oklahoma Basketball Coaches Clinic

Pre-Practice and Film Session
Watch Coale interact with her team as they go through three film sessions breaking down the good and the bad from the previous practice. After the film sessions, Coale takes her players through drills to improve fundamentals and serve as a warm-up for practice.

Offensive System
Coale's teams are legendary for their half-court motion offense. You will see the fundamental drills she uses to build the motion offense. These drills include motion shots (2-on-0, 3-on-0, 4-on-0) with specific action that includes penetrate and pitch, slips and cutting & spacing; 3-on-3 screening that includes pins, flare screens and back screens; 2-on-2 ball screens; and offensive rebounding. She also incorporates several multi-faceted shooting drills into her practices that simulate game-like shots.

Defensive System
Coale's teams play a tough, fundamentally sound man-to-man defense. In these practices, you get to see the drills used to teach individual and team man-to-man defense skills. They cover their transition defense rules and responsibilities, 1-on-0 and 1-on-1 closeouts, and build to 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 shell, as well as the Cameron Drill which is a multi-part drill incorporating closeouts and jumping to the ball.

Rebounding and Transition
A staple in Coale's practice routine are rebounding and transition offense fundamentals. Learn the techniques the Sooners use so effectively gain position under the rim to control any offensive or defensive rebound. The transition drills get the players to focus on pushing the ball up the floor every time. In addition, She also shows three of her early offense actions off the dribble-Deep, Drag, and Up.

Oklahoma Coaches Clinic
As an added bonus, you will see the 2010 Oklahoma Coaches Clinic. This clinic session features Oklahoma Strength and Conditioning Coach Tim Overman sharing activation drills to improve posture and stretching as well as his thoughts concerning ACL injuries and improving a players jumping ability.

Assistant Coach Jan Ross shares some of the post and guard drills they use in their fall and spring individual workouts. For post players, she shares teaching points and drills that include toss back outlets, one hand catches, power slams, fast finishes, back-ups, diagonals to bury, and offensive rebounding techniques. For the guards, she shows a 7-spot shooting drill, pick-ups, rip through series using a toss back, 2-ball pass and shoot, and a 3-cone touch drill.

Coach Coale shares lead up drills for teaching the primary break and two defensive drills. She finishes by taking your through their sideline in-bounds play, which can be used versus a man or a zone defense. Using this set, the players have a variety of actions and options to run based on how they read the defense.

This is an exhaustive library of basketball instruction!

744 minutes (6 DVDs). 2011.

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