All Access Kentucky Basketball Practice with John Calipari

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with John Calipari,
University of Kentucky Head Coach;
2x Naismith National Coach of the Year,
2009 Sports Illustrated National Coach of the Year, .761 career winning percentage

For the first time, John Calipari opens the doors to his Kentucky basketball program allowing an "all access" look at the first practices of the 2009-10 season. This extensive DVD set includes more than five hours of basketball instruction that takes you step-by-step through a Kentucky practice.

The first practice is all about the Kentucky offense. Calipari shares his philosophy for practice planning as well as what they are accomplishing as they build their offensive system from their transition game into their Dribble Drive offense. He begins by running a5-on-0 transition drill where he explains his transition options and what the players are looking for as they push the ball up the floor. You will learn his team ball handling drills,which leads into a progression of lay-up drills that concentrate on speed, moves and finishing with contact. Learn the key to protecting the basketball and see how Calipari stresses it in practice. Calipari continues to build their transition offense with a full court team layup drill, full court 2-man passing, 3-man full court, 3-man weave full court, 11 drill, Skip 2, 32, 33 Blood, and 44 drills. In this drill set, Calipari stresses attacking with ball quickness, staying low, and finishing plays while fueling his player's instinct to attack.

Everything is brought together at the end of the practice with nearly 40 minutes of informative Q&A. Calipari answers questions regaring what level players have to be at to run his system, player placement for the dribble drive, his terminology, his thoughts on playing against zone defenses and much more.

NBA veteran and current assistant coach Rod Strickland then shares ball handling techniques and ball quickness drills. Strickland was a point guard in the NBA for 17 years in addition to mentoring Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans while at Memphis.

Assistant Coach John Robic, who is in his 13th year season with Coach Calipari, details spacing, player responsibilities, and base options for the Dribble Drive Offense. He also takes you through some of their big man and guard play work. The big man drills include touches, working on relocation, reading movement, sealing inside and some ball screen principles in the Dribble Drive.

The second practice presents drills, from 1-on-1 to 5-on-5, that Calipari uses to build his defensive pressure from the ground up. Learn how to incorporate the lunge, early help, back foot fakes, and close outs to assemble a disruptive defense. He also takes you through his transition defense rules and uses his full court combination drill, which starts 2-on-1 and progresses to 3-on-2, 4-on-3, 5-on-4, and finishes 5-on-5 to build the transition defense.

Using the shell drill, Calipari shows you the base responsibilities and keys to his defense, which include ball pressure, closeouts, jumping to the ball, and having good vision off the ball. He explains his 30 second "perfect stop" to stress perfection in the shell drill. He finishes the defensive practice by walking you through his unique Press Defense.

Throughout the practices Calipari provides his wisdom and basketball knowledge as he coaches and teaches his players, and provides coaching points for the drills and concepts he uses to build his system of play.

Experience what make John Calipari one of the best coaches in the country!


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