All Access Arizona Basketball Practice with Sean Miller

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  • Get your team to compete at a championship level everyday in practice
  • Gain great individual drills for post and perimeter players
  • Discover the keys to running a highly disciplined motion offense

Sean Miller, known for his ability to individually improve players and teams, provides insight into what has made his career a success. Within this three DVD set you will see three Wildcat practices in which Miller and his staff execute individual improvement drills, passing game offense, set plays, trapping defense of the post and special situations.

Warm-Up Drills:
Coach Miller begins every practice with pre-practice drills featuring individual workouts to improve offensive moves, shooting, conditioning and positioning for help side and on-ball defense.

During team practice you'll see a series of full-court drills to get your players focused on what they are going to accomplish that day at practice. Once the players have stretched, Miller's staff leads them through a 2-ball, 3-man shooting series to teach shooting and attacking the basket hard off of the dribble.

Transition Offense and Rebounding:
Miller shares his circle transition and 4-on-4 baseline touch series, which trains his players to sprint the floor hard in transition looking to score or get into their passing game offense. He also covers his Phoenix and Drag secondary screening series. Miller emphasizes taking advantage of post touches using post progressions, ball screening and a looping movement into their attack at all times.

Miller teaches the pack line defense in which he wants to crowd the paint and shut down all gaps that allow dribble penetration into the lane to score. He teaches his defense with 2-on-2 gap closeouts, 3-on-4 shell, 3-on-3 shell and live play, and, using baseball scoring, his 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3, 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 play to build on-the-ball toughness. Miller also shares his philosophy on trapping the post player and how he works on building it every day along with his zone defense.

Miller uses film and on-court demonstration to teach his half court passing game offense. The Wildcat staff emphasizes screening, cutting, reads and details what needs to happen so the offense can be successful. You will also learn Miller's set play "family" series so that all players have a connection on the court with a purpose to aid each other.

Special Situations:
Get insight on Miller's baseline and sideline out of bounds series to get a quick score or to get the basketball into the passing scheme of offensive execution.

This All Access is a great learning tool for any coach who wants to improve not only his drills and strategies, but also learn effective ways to communicate with players and run efficient practices.

327 minutes (3 DVDs) 2011.

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