13 Quick Hitters from the Triangle Stack Set: Gregg Marshall

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  • Learn how to attack bad defenders and steal baskets to help you win close games
  • Dictate who gets the ball, where they get it, and how they get it
  • Create a rebounding advantage on the offensive glass

Gregg Marshall shares sets that have given him a lot of success during his coaching career. In this on-court clinic presentation, Coach Marshall gives us a run down of 13 of his favorite quick hitting plays designed from the same Triangle Stack set.

In this set-play offense, Marshall explains how you can isolate poor defenders, how to feed the hot hand, attack a player that is in foul trouble, and how to create an advantage on the offensive glass. Along with this offense, Marshall covers how you can sequence your plays prior to the game and during time-outs that will allow your team to be unscoutable.

These set plays include false screening action and misdirection relying heavily on proper timing, screening, and passing. From the same set, these quick hitters generate wide open lay-ups and uncontested 3-point shot attempts time after time. In each of these quick hitters, Marshall covers the use of back screens, ball-screens, fade screens, double staggers, down screens, UCLA screens, shuffle cuts, flex screens and cross screens.

Though the offense begins from the same alignment each time down the floor, Marshall teaches you how to flow that set into numerous other sets to keep the defense off-balanced.

Sets Included:

  • Triangle Stack
  • UCLA Action
  • 1-4 High
  • Flex Action
  • Ball-Screen Sets

Within these sets, dribble entries, post entries and wing entries are provided and utilized based upon what the defense gives you. On top of the 13 quick hitters presented, Marshall demonstrates counters and options off of these sets that can exploit intense defensive pressure.

This video is an excellent resource for putting your players in position to be effective.

70 Minutes. 2011.

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